Candy Carts & Popcorn Bars
Our fabulous Candy Carts and Popcorn Bars are the perfect treat for your guests, with a huge range of
scrumptious sweets, candies and popcorn to delight your guests.

Our solid wooden Carts have all the luxury features you would want, from fabulous cartwheels
and LED lighting to hand-scribed chalkboards, personalised signage and sweetie bags,
bowls and scoops, serviettes, labels for your sweets, pails and jugs of flowers and foliage,
and the best candies, popcorn, chocolates and more.....

We are happy to create a personalised sweet selection if you need it, at no extra cost, and if you need labels for your guests telling them which sweets are vegetarian or vegan, we can do that for you too.
And we can also do either a Popcorn Bar, or a Candy Cart, or you can mix both together - you choose!

Our fully-stocked Carts and Bars including all your sweets, popcorn and accessories
(incl. free delivery, set-up and collection) are just £299.00 each

Contact us to see if your wedding day is free in our diary at or call Lin on 07450 919317
or fill in our Contact Form